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Say goodbye to word processing

Take notes, send finished documents.
Skip everything inbetween.

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Bescribe is the app that saves you typing up reports. With a straightforward and tailor-made interface, finished PDFs are only a tap away.

Armed with a suite of presets, powerful custom behaviour and snappy inputs, you'll be amazed at how fast you can work.

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Getting started couldn't be easier; just send over your documents and we'll do the rest.

Let's get you set up.

Can I use multiple documents?

Absolutely. Information can carry over between reports, saving you time. We'll fine-tune your account to ensure the documents you need are available at the right point in your workflow.

What if I need client feedback?

From the homescreen, you can easily link clients or customers to their own custom form. They won't even need the app.

Do I need to be online?

No. If there's no signal on-site, you can still complete your report and it'll be uploaded once you're back on the grid.

Which ways can I collaborate?

Once you've signed up, you can invite others to your team. Members can share reports, be given roles, and have their own streamlined versions of documents.

How much does it cost?

Pricing starts at £80/m, with additional users and documents costing a little extra. Sign in and let's chat to give you some hard numbers!

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What next? To get started, sign in using Google and we'll set you up with a one week trial. If you're interested in a live demo or have any queries, use the form on the right and I'll be in touch!

- Tim

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